The Crew

Managers born in the accuracy of a multinational and grown up in the dynamism of small companies.

Maurizio Buscemi

Sales’ Network Builder and Product Developer

Experienced sailor, dive master, navy sergeant (he participated in a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon) he brought into his work his passion for the sea, whose shores get people closer. 

For ten years he brought people (specifically Italian jewellers) close to the brands of Richemont’s universe; Cartier for sure but also the “more difficult” ones as YSL collection, Ferrari Formula and  Dunhill. For Dunhill in a single year, the opening of a high qualitative network generated a turnover of 1 million €.

Then he started bringing people (specifically not only Italian jewellers as he can speak English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) closer to Italian Jewellery, creating and developing the international commercial network of such brands as Utopia, (that he brought in two years from 0 € to 3, 5 millions €) Valente, Chantecler and Roberto Demeglio.

He followed projects in the world of sailing ships and home design business; passionate about watchmaking and precious stones, he is an enthusiastic ambassador of Italian beauty and excellent artisanship.

Facilitator of relationships between people and even places (from Valenza to Miami, from Firenze a Jaipur) he works to the development of the products and of the commercial network of Amin Luxury (diamonds) and of the exquisitely artisanal and purely creative jewels of JMG 18KT.


Raffaele Ciardulli

Marketing & Communication

He built up his strong experience during 18 years spent in the Richemont Group (11 of them as marketing director of the Cartier Italian subsidiary) and sharpened it thank to several experiences with Italian dynamic entrepreneurs’  jewelry brands such as Chantecler , Stefan Hafner or Roberto Demeglio.

Responsible for marketing, communication, visual merchandising and supply chain for Cartier’s Boutiques in Italy and Greece, he created, from the development of the concept up to the training of the sales people, monobrand Boutiques in Singapore and Kazakhstan.

He followed projects in jewelry, luxury Italian food and home design business.

As a trainer, he participated to the development and the implementation of the global selling&service experience Pomellato, to the elaboration of a customer experience policy for Emilio Pucci and to a coaching training for Loro Piana. He also planned and animated specific training sessions on presentation skills for luxury hotels and on marketing & communication for Fondazione Il Tarì.

As a teacher, he shared his experiences with the students of a Master in luxury branding organized by an academy strictly connected to the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, with students of Bejing Institute of Fashion Technology and of Sichuan College of Culture and Arts and with entrepreneurs selected by Càmara Nacional de la industria del Vestido (Mexico).