About Us

An agile, consulting company expert of beauty, creative excellence, hand’s intelligence, Italian “good taste”.


That’s “Grey” in Genoese.
“Grey” as the nickname worn with pride by a true lady from the old Genoa who, like the city, hides with care his goodness under mutterings.
“Grey” as the cloud which brings storm and makes us run to the sails because “We can not change the wind, but we can direct the sails” (John Keats)
“Grey” as the shade between white and black where, often, the solution hides.


We are real people. Serious. Concrete.

We worked for not less than 20 years in the world of goods with high added value, from the authentic jewelry to high watch manufacturing, from boating of true sea lovers to accessories that become indispensable.
We breathed the air, thin and rare, in the upper floors of the multinational corporations and that, full of energy, in small family firms.
We consumed the sidewalks of the streets of luxury. Not only those of Milan, Paris, New York, Dubai and Moscow. Even those of Latina, Maastricht or Astana.
We gave value to the Italian excellences: the creative imagination combined with attention to detail, an innate elegance that is expressed in perfect execution. With pride.

We are gentlefolk.



We have been working in companies. We know which challenges an entrepreneur faces. Sometimes we have to indicate new paths but always respecting those who built the old ones.  We respect strain.


The collaboration, the sharing of visions and objectives, synergies, are the key to success. It is always valid. Also today. Also at work.


Work is a matter of people, visions, projects, goals, sometimes dreams; how to address them without enthusiasm?


It is our luxury: let us say what we believe is true and not what might befit us short or please the customer.


This has always driven us and we have not learned it from the management’s manuals.